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Decentralized Multi-chain Token

Decentralized Autonomous Community

Pay EXO as Network Fees

Dynamic supply across Multi-Chain

About EXO

It is a Multi-Chain Decentralized Token. To solve transaction fees and confirmation speed, we have the same token contract deployed in multiple chains, which gives users more options and benefits. Exosis maintain dynamic supply across chains, were combined of all chain supply does not exceed maximum supply limit.

Exosis started in Nov 2018 as a BTC forked coin, later due to difficulties in PoW mining and 51% attack, we planned to switch to ERC-20 token at a 1:1 ratio. Then we realized that going with ERC-20 alone creates a risk of facing network fees and confirmation speed, and we planned to develop a token in Multi-Chain where people get more choice and benefits across different chains. Its mined by people worldwide since 2018 makes Exosis a fully decentralized, anonymous, and community-focused project.


Protocol Validator

Protocol Validator plays a crucial role in the multi-chain token.

Approve the token swap from one chain to another chain without controlling or accessing the user funds.

Prevent excess supply generation through staking across the chains.

Update the new protocol changes done by voting across the chains to maintain the same protocol.


Staking has proved to be one of the best ways of earning rewards and passive income. The staking feature on the platform will allow investors to maintain a consistent profitable income with relatively lower risk. The stakeholders get more fee discounts from our future decentralized products.

The rewards calculated every day based on the below details :-

Tier 1

9% ROI
Collateral 1000
Daily Reward 0.25 (0.025%)

Tier 2

9% ROI
Collateral 1000
Daily Reward 0.25 (0.025%)

Tier 3

9% ROI
Collateral 1000
Daily Reward 0.25 (0.025%)


Exosis is an entirely Community-based Decentralized token where people vote and decide changes in the token protocol.

Every member has the same right to support or oppose a decision or even to make a recommendation. All stakeholders have the right to vote one time for the new protocol proposal. Only the Tier-3 stakeholders can propose further changes to the protocol.

Token protocols are:-

Maximum Token Supply funds.

Protocol Validator

Multi Transfer Transaction Limit

Referral Commission

Staking (Collateral, Reward, Lock time)

Usage of EXO

Exosis can be used as fees to execute all functions in the token without holding the network balance like ETH, BNB, MATIC, HECO, OKEX etc.

People can transfer, staking, vote, chain swap using EXO itself as fees through Protocol Validator.

The fees are calculated based on the market price, and 10% additional fees are charged for using this service.

The additional fee is burned, which create demand and value for the token.

Future Goals

Still, there is always room for improvement, which prompted our team to strengthen our ecosystem by creating more products based on community support. Exosis introduces a revolutionary new way to trade, invest, and swap cryptocurrencies between popular networks using the EXO token.

Each product 20% of income will burn EXO tokens, increasing demand and utility for the token.

The products are

Decentralized Exchange

P2P lending

P2P Invoice and order placing

P2P Trading (OTC)



More Planned Later


Contract Address

Ethereum (ETH)

Coming Soon

Binance (BNB)

Coming Soon

Polygon (MATIC)

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Token Details
Max Supply21000000
Current/Total Supply650000
Multi Transaction Limit200
Referral Commission10%
Vote Approval Rate70%


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