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What is Exosis ?
The Exosis development team realized that the best way to create a good cryptocurrency platform is by creating a multi-functional platform that has utility. Exosis is a realization of the dream. It features five different platforms in one.
It has a decentralized exchange, a decentralized e-commerce site, an OTC platform, a Virtual Masternode, and a multiplatform e-wallet. These five different business models all rely on the Exosis coin. This gives Exosis coin utility, unlike most other cryptocurrency platforms.
The result is a platform that offers users multiple ways of earning. If you are a trader, you can use the OTC platform and the decentralized exchange to trade coins with other to make a profit. If you simply want secure e-commerce, the decentralized e-commerce site will protect your money and personal details while offering cheaper transaction costs. If you are a miner or prospective miner, you can decide to run a full masternode of Exosis or you can use the virtual masternode if there are any restrictions on the hardware or the internet connection from your place. As a result, Exosis is a true ecosystem that is sustainable and with little volatility due to the utility offered by the five business models.
Exosis Utility Platforms
Virtual Masternode
One of the best ways to make a good income in the cryptocurrency industry is by investing in staking or mining. This typically involves running a node or a masternode to provide consensus to the blockchain.
A decentralized exchange will be one of the core components of the Exosis ecosystem. Recently, there has been increasing challenges facing established cryptocurrency exchanges due to increasing regulation, security issues, and order processing speeds are solved by Exosis.
Exchange Platform
E-commerce Platform
We are also hoping to launch a decentralized e-commerce site that is paid using Exosis coins. This will provide utility for the coin while giving users a risk-free way of making online purchases. E-commerce businesses are the biggest target of hackers and phishers because of the vulnerable payment system.
Since the decentralized exchange provides a platform where individuals can exchange over the blockchain, there is a need for a platform that offers the opportunity for users to exchange between fiat and digital currencies. Any centralized exchange will have the problems enumerated.
OTC Platform
The final services that will be offered by Exosis are an e-wallet that provides cross­platform functionality. The developers want to ensure that users can keep their digital currencies safe by providing a secure e-wallet.
Wallet and Specification
Coin NameExosis
NetworkIndependent Mainnet
Max Supply21,000,000
Masternode collateral100000 EXO
Virtual Masternode (VMN) Min 100 EXO and Max 100000 EXO
Block Reward0.25 EXO for Miner, 0.25 EXO for MN. All MN paid on each block
Block Halving No
Block Interval 2.5 Minutes
Consensus POW
Algo X16r
Our Roadmap


  • 1ST AUGUST 2018
  • Project idea confirmed and
    development started
  • 21ST SEPTEMBER 2018
  • Start of the Bounty Campaign and
  • 21ST OCTOBER 2018
  • ICO Start
  • 19TH NOVEMBER 2018
  • ICO End
  • 27TH December 2018
  • ICO has been reversed and destroyed all 1.75 M coins.
    New masternode concept has been updated in blockchain.
    For more info check our social media.


  • AUGUST 2019
  • E-commerce
  • NOVEMBER 2019
  • OTC Platform
  • JANUARY 2020
  • Wallet
Our Team
Aravind Kumar

Jozef Uhľár
Coin Dev
Coin Dev
Expert programmer with 30 years of experience, superior skills in x86 CPU architecture, operating systems and virtualization (Microsoft Certified Professional for Hyper-V). Master in blockchain technology. FxTC developer, Bata & Veles coin coder, etc.
Shubham Sharma

Web Dev
Web Dev
Ambu Gupta
Backend Support
Backend Support